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Filming with a mobile phone

The big advantage is that the phone takes up no more room in your pocket than a compact camera and is therefore always with you (or should be). It's ready for instant use in any circumstance. But as many members commented on, "why do people insist on filming in portrait mode and not landscape". 
Mike showed us several "Apps" that are available, many of which are free, to help the filmmaking and the editing procedure.
It was clear Mike had put a lot of time into the preparation of the evening and we were treated to a really entertaining and informative evening.
Well done Mike.
Is this to be the future of film making or is it even the present?
Member, Mike Smith, put together an interesting evening laying out the advantages and disadvantages of filming with a mobile phone. 
It was clear that the quality of the phone cameras is now as good as the latest camcorders and the speed and ease with which you can download items to the Internet is almost unbelievable.
What are the limitations?
Well the sound quality of the built-in microphones is, as you'd expect, pretty poor but there are add on microphones that you can use to great increase the quality.

November 8