Report on 7 February 2018
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He then went on to explain how they'd gone about setting up and filming interviews with apprentices at a local engineering company. For this exercise they'd used cameras with prime lenses, to restrict the depth of field, so that the emphasis was on the interviewee and not the background.
We were advised by him not to get too bound up in equipment having the top of the range equipment doesn't always mean the results are top of the range.

Rob Hallam, the MD of Big Tank productions, was due to visit us at the beginning of October but due to work commitments (filming in Germany) he had to cancel his visit.
A dose of the flu over Christmas put him out of action for a while but we eventually managed to come up with a mutually convenient date.
It was well worth the wait. He began the evening by updating us on his company’s latest productions. 

We then got an insight into filming with drones. Rob has completed all the training etc. and is qualified to use a drone commercially.
After the tea break he gave us some tips on how to get the best out of our new lighting kit.

It was a very instructive and entertaining evening and we eagerly look forward to his next visit.

Visit from "Big Tank Productions

February 7