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Four Camera Shoot with Mark Jackson

Having completed the filming exercise, Mike took away all the footage and our first meeting in the New Year will be a demonstration of multi-camera editing. Members will be given the same footage to go away and have a go at it themselves.     Good luck!

 He won an award for the fastest average time when competing in 10, 25, 50, 100 m and 12 hr time trials.
Jeff explained why he and his wife have been going to Llandudno for the past 50 years!  They do go to other places as well.

As many of our members have not experienced editing a multi-camera shoot we felt it was time we had an exercise evening whereby those that wanted could have the chance.
Mike and Carl organised the evening. Two groups of three were formed. Each group taking it in turn to film and then be interviewed.
It also gave us another chance to use our new lights.
Carl explained the need for the three cameras to be colour balanced prior to commencing filming. Then members were told why a sound and picture reference is needed at the start of filming i.e. the use of a clapperboard.Once all this was sorted we got down to filming.
We discovered Colin, who is actually a stills man, but we forgive him for that, is actually, or was, a very accomplished cyclist.

December 6

A set of photographs of the evening’s event