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A visit from “Big Tank” video production company

October 5

This kept our members guessing as to what to expect, "Big Tank"?
What on earth could that be?
Well, it was an in depth look behind the scenes of a local video production company.
Big Tank are based in Blackburn (well somebody has to be), only joking.
The evening was presented by Rob Holden one of the founders of the company.

We, as amateurs, dream of the exotic trips abroad and getting paid for doing something we enjoy.
Well, Rob showed us some exotic trips but he also gave us a fascinating insight into the problems as well.
A trip on the Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle Luxury train sounds good, and it was. Even allowing for the fact that there are restrictions, quite severe ones, when filming in Russia.
People have been known not to come back!
Allied to this is hanging out of a helicopter filming shots of the train as it travels through the countryside on its way to Mongolia, it doesn't sound just as romantic then.

A trip up the Rhine sounded more promising but when you're supposed to be working, it's not all glamour (might be worth a try though!)
As well as these trips Rob explained how attention to detail was important when filming commercials for TV, placement of cameras and extras to create the right effect.
He told us that one, if not the most important, piece of kit was a good tripod. A pro one new would set you back £6000 but should, with care last a lifetime. 
All in all an excellent evening and we're all looking forward to a return visit.

Big Tank Production Company