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Well all was revealed on the night. We were treated to a presentation on how to present a programme or lecture using PowerPoint.
PowerPoint is a programme Brian has used for many years in his various capacities, as teacher, training officer for the scouts and many more.

His expertise in using the programme was well demonstrated, the problems came when our members were asked to put a PowerPoint presentation together on subjects chosen by Brian.

Some members were already familiar with PowerPoint, this made their life much easier, others, such as our Chairman and Secretary came out bottom of the class and will be in detention for the next few days.

Presentational Skills with Brian Aspden

May 3rd

We're always pleased to welcome Brian to our meetings and he never fails to come up with an original presentation. He's already been pencilled in for next season. Many thanks Brian. 

Wednesday 3rd of May saw a welcome return to BFM of our Webmaster, Brian.

Club Secretary, Keith, had been in contact with Brian over several months regarding the content and subject of the evening, although very little was given away.

We know Brian had been grafting away for many months putting the programme together and we knew it would involve some work because he asked for as many laptops as possible to be available……………….. very intriguing!

Dunces? Not really as everyone made a first class job with their presentations. Brian?