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Whilst I enjoyed being allowed to play with the toys, without looking a fool at my age, I found the technique laborious and time consuming.

Although I must admit I was reasonably pleased with the outcome.

Things have moved on since then. There are several software programmes out there that allow you to animate via computer.

Brian gave us details of these, some of which were well beyond the pockets of we hobbyists.

However the software Muvizu was the one Brian concentrated on, quite reasonably priced at around £35.
It doesn't seem like twelve months have elapsed since Brian's last visit to us.
Brian of course being Brian Aspden, distant Honorary member of BFM and our hard working Webmaster.
As usual Brian had spent some considerable time assembling tonight's presentation on animation.
Now I must confess at this point that animation isn't a part of our hobby that has ever sparked my imagination.
                          Many years ago                             I produced an                             animated film,                                std 8, using                                     my sons                                 Action Man                                       figures.
He has been experimenting,
if that's the right word,
with Muvizu
for around
twelve months.

The short films we saw showed what can be achieved in a "relatively" short space of time.
There was quite a lot of interest from the floor and I can see BFM being flooded with animated films next year!
Brian gave us an interesting and informative evening.  
Chairman Carl thanked him for all his work in putting the evening together and wished him a safe journey back home to Hampshire.

Let’s Get Animated

May 2