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Nelson Camera Club visit us


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We were treated to an audio-visual programme from our friends from Nelson. Ranging from a relative beginner’s sequence, I believe that's the correct term, through to more experienced members work. 
We journeyed from the West Coast of the USA to the exotic Rochdale Canal, via Italy, Whitby for the Goth Festival, a teapot factory, the Bass Rock, France and the Highlands of Scotland.
After our tea break we had a quick overview of PicturesToExe 9 from www.wnsoft.com, this is a software package used to produce AV programmes.
An interesting evening and one that showed us that the gap between AV and video isn't that big.

Tonight, we had a complete change from our normal fare.
 Our guests were Nelson Camera Club.  It's quite some time since we had a visit from a non-video club, in fact I can't remember one at all, so maybe this is a first for BFM.
Carl and myself were at the clubroom early, to set up the equipment in readiness for our visitors.
It was looking a little embarrassing as by about 7.00 there were about eight from the camera club and Carl and myself from BFM!  
Oh dear, had we made the wrong decision?
However, by the start time numbers of BFM members had swelled and we had an attendance, including our visitors, of twenty-eight, pretty good.

November 29