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Likewise, the entry from Mike Smith gave us a similar informative video on the history of canals. 

The third, from Dave, again covered the history and style of canal boat.
The fourth film took a slightly different approach using three verses of a poem as the voice over.
A vote of the members present proved pretty conclusive and the winner was declared as our Treasurer, Ron, in what was almost a walk over!!

During the discussions after viewing it came out that Dave Berry's father had actually worked on the canals.

For the past few years Mike (Breeze) has supplied footage, of varying subjects, and challenged us to make a video from the footage supplied.

This year’s subject was the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.

We finished up with four films, three that tackled the subject from a similar angle yet were still three very different offerings. The fourth went down a totally different route.

The first was by Treasurer, Ron. He had obviously researched the subject and there was plenty of information passed on via the commentary.

There were three entries for films shot on a phone. Two from Nigel, the first a record of our filming attempts in the clubroom a couple of weeks ago. Then a whale watching helicopter flight in New Zealand. Finally, from David Crossley a film of " The Beast from the East".

The mad moviemaker went out at the height of the blizzard to get some really dramatic footage of weather not seen locally for many years.

This time the members gave the thumbs up to Nigel's whale watch.

The evening was rounded off with the "premier" showing of the three comedies filmed, in the clubroom, on the 21st February.

Mike’s Challenge: also Film on Phone

March 7