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Making the Bronte Movie

For the first part of the evening Carl showed us the "Making of movie.." with several "off the cuff" interviews with members of the crew.

This showed their commitment to the project and the love of the food laid on by the Bronte Society!!!

After the tea break the final movie was shown. Carl had re-edited and shortened the film and it was much better for it. We all agreed that if we were to tackle a similar project now we could make a much better job of it.
It's almost twenty one years since, what was then, Burnley Camcorder Group, was asked to produce a video for the 150 th anniversary of the publication of the novels by the Bronte sisters.

At the time it's perhaps just as well we didn't realise what we were taking on.

Carl undertook to direct the project and produce detailed work sheets so that everyone involved knew what was expected of them.

The final product was edited by two members, who are sadly no longer with us, using what was then a state of the art computer, very expensive.

September 27