Report on 27 January 2018
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The five judges gave their opinion on each film and were then asked to score the films, Eurovision Song Contest style, to decide the winner.

Our friends at Southport changed the date of the Competition from April to January as it was felt it was too close to other competitions and people were starting to go on holidays. Sadly, it had little effect on the attendance.

Six clubs were invited to take part. Each club had to supply a judge in order to be eligible to be judged. Unfortunately, one club sent a film but none of their members turned up. This is a great pity because had they been there, their film would have walked the competition.

As it was, it was left to Southport, Morecambe, Bolton, Burnley and Swan Movie Makers to compete.
As seems to be the case each year the voting system went a little bit haywire but eventually things got sorted and Morecambe were declared the winners with Burnley a close second.

Southport Inter-club Competition

January 27

Lord Street  Southport