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Filming the “Newsreel” Introduction

This gave us chance to have an extended tea break and then when we resumed, to discuss the positives and negatives of using a multi camera setup and the method of editing.
There were several questions raised all of which I think we managed to answer.
Due to Carl's holiday commitments we had to bring forward the filming of the Newsreel intro.
This is an annual fixture on our syllabus. This year was a little different in so far as we were using the club's new lighting kit.
carl and Keith were at the clubroom bright and early to get setup, in fact the setting up took a lot longer than it took to film Mike doing his bit to camera.
He should have been aided and abetted by Judith, but she was confined to her sick bed with a heavy cold.
Mike’s played lead newsreader for many years now and has become quite proficient at it. So much so that we had finished filming by 8.30.

October 25

Report on  31 January 2018

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