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They were shown six new films and the comments made afterwards were quite interesting. Probably won't take a blind bit of notice of them but at least it kept them waken!

The serious point was actually to try and illustrate that it's easy to criticise films but maybe not so easy to come up with constructive suggestions, which is what we really want.

Fortunately they all seemed to enjoy what was put before them and maybe they gave someone an idea of what they could do.
Tonight was our annual Secretary's evening when yours truly entertains the troops. We had quite a good turnout, 22 I think, and they were all still there at the end of the evening!

We recently produced a members survey of what they'd like to see or not in the club. One comment was that they didn't want to just sit and watch films. So, a fiendish plan was made to make sure this didn't happen.

Those present were split into small groups and tasked with writing and presenting a critique of one of the films shown. This more or less guaranteed that most of them didn't nod off.
Chairman, Carl, thanked Keith for his efforts before bringing the meeting to a close.

Secretary’s Night

April 25