Report on 21 March 2018
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An offering from
yours truly
(Keith Widdup)
of a winter visit
to Martin Mere
Wildlife and
Wetland centre
also fell short of
the mark but it was
still enjoyed by our
audience of members.

We had a couple
of entries from the
"One Minute Class"
produced by Frank Swift
and a film from
Mike Breeze based
on various
transport museums.
This is the night when the competition entries that didn't quite make the grade got their airing.

We had a few technical problems during the evening that meant we had to adapt our presentation.

We had a film
from David Crossley
"Giving Nature a Home".
This is an excellent
wildlife film that
in the opinion
of our judges
fell a little short
of the mark.
Mike's main offering "Summer Bears", filmed in Finland unfortunately wouldn't play on the club laptop for some reason, so we'll have to make sure it gets shown at a later date.

The competition winners will have their night at our Public Show on the 28th of March.

 Annual Competition: Non-Winners Show

March 21