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This year’s event

16 July




Mike’s Challenge: Film on Phone Competition

March 1st

Judith took a more philosophical line, trying to compare the people who looked like they were enjoying themselves and those who looked like they'd rather be somewhere else!
Dave (Berry) used most of Mike's footage plus some shot at the Crich Tram Museum.
Mike (Smith) showed us two short films. One shot on an iPad the other on an iPhone. The quality of these devices is amazing nowadays but I still prefer a "real" camera.

Tonight was "Mike's Editing Challenge".
Mike gave members, who wanted to try this, footage he had shot at Fleetwood's "Festival of Transport”.
The day he was there was billed as "Tram Sunday".
Well Ron picked up on the fact that there seemed to be something missing, there was a marked lack of trams! However, as Mike pointed out, with over six thousand people milling about you couldn't really have a load of trams buzzing about.
Keith concentrated on the general transport side of the day, with a video cut to music and ignoring the Morris dancing etc.

Fleetwood tram