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The 5-minute competition was much better supported. We had ten, yes ten entries.

These ranged from a dodgy looking cable car in Niagara to a look at a very wildlife oriented garden in Bulgaria.
Geoff gave us an overview of the background to the film "Billy Liar". We had "The Antiques Roadshow" from Ken.
As well, there was a brief look at Copenhagen and a lovely relaxing film on Lake Bled.
Mike interviewed a gentleman who rescues birds of prey.
David Crossley showed us a documentary of one of his neighbours, who keeps hens and ducks. Being filmed in the middle of winter it looked very, very cold. 

5 Min Film Competition + "Spring Theme"

February 1st

.But the winner on the evening, by one vote, was a film shot on the Norfolk Broads and closely cut to music to show the big "gin palaces” and the more traditional and much more pleasing on the eye, wooden sailing craft. This was the entry of, well….…

Oh, go on then it was me (Keith). That's the second time this year I've won a competition, so I must be doing something right after all these years!

The second of our "in house" competitions, designed to encourage members to make short interesting films.
We also incorporated our “Spring" competition into the same evening. It's a good job we did as we only had the one entry for this. So, Mike (breeze) is to be congratulated on being the only member who took the trouble to make a film on the subject, "Spring". This meant of course that he walked away with the non-existent prize!