Report on 14 March 2018
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Mike showed examples of other YouTube contributors. To the traditional video member in many cases the presentations left a lot to be desired, in terms of technical quality, but given the income these people are earning quality of production isn't the main concern.
Quite an eye opener and a most interesting evening. Clearly, I and a few others are being left behind!
The evening was presented by Mike Berry, from Preston.
Mike, for some time ran a local TV station in the Preston area but when licences were put out to tender the costs became prohibitive for a small company.
So, he moved into producing videos for children and promoting them on YouTube.
I hadn't realised the level of income that can come from YouTube. Apparently, the income comes from the number of "subscribers" to the channel and given sufficient "hits" the income is quite substantial.

Mike Berry - It’s TV but not as you know it

March 14