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He also gave us a potted history of the Internet which from small beginnings in 1969 has now, as we all know, grown into what we now know as the World Wide Web or www.
The days of postcards and letter writing have long gone. Technology is king but do we all have the grey matter to keep up with "progress"?
We went home with a head full of information that required the treatment of a darkroom and a stiff whisky to absorb all the information.
No, to be fair, Mike gave us a thoroughly interesting and absorbing PowerPoint presentation on a very complex subject.  
As a result of the many enforced syllabus changes Mike Smith stepped into the breach with a fascinating night on Social media.
I, and many others, hadn't realised how many social media sites were available.
Some like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were familiar names. However, names such as Pinterest, KeepVid, Periscope and many more were new to us.
All were easily and, in the main, freely accessible, although some did charge for access to larger file systems.
We were all busy writing the various site names down when Mike came around with handouts explaining things.

Members Night

February 14