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January 11th

A Technical Night with Mark Jackson

The demonstration of how to correct excessive wind noise in post production was fascinating. By using filters and compressors you could almost remove the wind noise completely, almost but not quite.
As Mark pointed out it's better to get the recording right to start with, rather than having to try and correct it later.

He stressed the need for good quality computer speakers, not the ones supplied with the computer and he also pointed out that it's better to listen to the result in mono rather than stereo.

All in all an enjoyable and informative evening. We look forward to his next visit.

January 11th our first meeting of a brand new year. We got off to an excellent start with a visit from our old (well he's young) Mark Jackson from over the hill in Yorkshire.

This time Mark concentrated on the sound side of film making. As he pointed out we spend a lot of time getting the visuals right but tend to neglect the audio.

First up was a brief explanation of the differing types of microphones that are available and what they are suited for.

He then moved on to how you can "clean" up your soundtracks using the many sound editing programmes that are available.