Report on 10 January 2018
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All in all, it was the usual informative and instructional evening from Mark and we look forward to his next visit.

Mark’s Technical Night

He then moved on to multi camera editing. Again, the Adobe system is similar to other programmes in its function. 

We took the opportunity to ask Mark several questions relating to computer editing and sought his advice on the purchase of some new audio equipment to use when the club goes out on the road giving film shows to other organisations.
First night back at the club after the festivities. Fortunately, everybody looked fit and healthy with no hangovers from the new year spirit.

For our first night back, we welcomed our old pal (he's actually younger than all of us) Mark Jackson, friend and colleague of our member Mike Breeze.

Mark is a whiz kid on the old computer and is also a fountain of knowledge to we lesser mortals. 

Tonight, he showed us what function most of the symbols do in computer software. For the exercise he used a version of Premiere PRO, but most icons perform the same task in other software programmes. It all looked soooo simple! Or at least Mark made it appear so.

January 10